Dance and Drama Dept.

HORAC’s Dance Ministry strives to share God’s love through the expressions of anointed dance and miming.HORAC’s Drama Ministry is a ministry in which God’s love, healing, salvation, and deliverance is expressed through dramatic skits and plays.

Youth Dept.

HORAC’s youth ministry is designed to impact, impart, and empower the youth of Ossining, Westchester County, and beyond. HORAC’s Youth Department desires to inspire youth to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; despite how young they are. HORAC’s Youth Department engages with the youth of today through: Dynamic youth worship services, Boys & Girls Mentoring, Coffee House, Field Trips, Youth Fellowship, Youth Cell Groups, Youth: REAL TALK, Youth Praise & Worship, Youth Choir, Youth Praise Dancers, Youth Sunday School, Youth Conference

Sunday School Dept.

HORAC Ministries provides Sunday school for adults, adolescents, and children. Our Sunday school instructors provide practical and sound teaching of the Bible. Our Sunday school lessons are geared towards applying God’s Word in our everyday lives, thus flourishing spiritually and naturally.

Media Ministry

HORAC’s Media Ministry strives to provide Cd’s, Dvds, and other ministry materials; that will assist in the growth, maturity, and discipleship of believers.

Music Ministry

HORAC’s Music Ministry aims to usher in God’s presence at every worship service.Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Worshipping God in Spirit and in truth, is paramount for HORAC’s music ministry; desiring to usher people into God’s presence, and not cheer-lead them.


HORAC’s Hospitality/Usher Ministry strives to operate in excellence, God’s wisdom, divine discernment, and God’s love; while overseeing order before, during, and after each worship service.

New Converts

HORAC Ministries New Believer’s ministry, strives to foster spiritual growth in new believers through:

General information on ministry, Church Protocol, Doctrinal Truths, Covenants, Creeds, Information on water baptism, Information on discipleship, Information on available leadership roles, tasks, and their requirements

Mens Fellowship

HORAC’s Men Ministry aims to assist in cultivating and empowering men to be all that God has purposed for their lives. HORAC’s Men Ministry desires to assist in men operating as godly: leaders, fathers, husbands, uncles, brothers, grandfathers, boys, and young men; while striving for excellence in Christ. HORAC’s Men Ministry reaches men through:

Men Cell Groups, Men Retreats, My Brother’s KeeperPrayer Partners, Men’s Fellowship, Men’s Prayer Breakfast, Men’s Conference, Men’s Real Talk

Women's Fellowship

HORAC’s Women Ministry strives to nurture, empower, and propel women into their destiny in God. HORAC’s Women Ministry desires to assist women in operating as godly: leaders, mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, girls, and young women; while striving for excellence in Christ. HORAC’s Women Ministry reaches women through:

Women’s Cell Group, Women’s Fellowship, Women’s Retreat, Sister to Sister Prayer Partners, Women’s Prayer Breakfast, Women’s Conference


HORAC Ministries was founded by responding through intercessory prayer to a spiritual emergency of an individual in Ossining NY.Intercessory prayer is the pulse that runs through the heart of the ministry. HORAC’s Intercessory Prayer Ministry operates through:

Strategic Intercessory Prayer, All night Prayer, Prayer for freedom from sickness, Prayer for freedom from spiritual bondage, Prayer for breakthroughs of all kinds, Prayer for church leaders and laity, Prayer for families, Prayer for the community, Prayer for the nations and its leaders, Prayer for the mobilization of God’s Kingdom, Prayer for the Body of Christ, and God’s Global and eternal plan on earth

Outreach Department

HORAC’s Outreach ministry desires to impact the community of Ossining, and the world. Paterson NJ and Peekskill NY, are being groomed as HORAC local church branches. Alderton Jamaica, Kenya Africa, and India are being supported and groomed as international branches of HORAC Ministries. Donations assist us in operating and supporting our international church branches; where the needs are extensive. HORAC Ministries is reaching out through:

The HORAC Computer Lab (available free to the community of Ossining NY), HORAC’s After school Math & English Empowerment Program, HORAC’s Food Pantry, Annual Back to School Supplies Give away, Annual Community Fun Day, Free Health Screening Day, Collaborations with community organizations such as West Cop and various other groups, Vacation Bible School (free to the community), Community Job Fair

Building Fund

HORAC’s building fund team desires to raise funds, to financially undergird the great vision God has given our senior Pastor for the world.